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Sicily : Interesting map with lots of bridges. The defender must choose between a lot of  tactics. Try a classic defense or try to cut bridges ? Cut bridges with engineers or artillery (the bridge south of Cataina is a top priority)? Concentrate his forces on Cataina or try to save Palermo too ? The attacker is dependant of the defender's tactic, he can only advance and adapt his tactic to the defender's choice. Usually he chooses the two extremes beaches (full east and full west). He tries to bombard Cataina and eventually to take it, but it's very difficult if the bridge is cut and with the arrival of reinforcement from Messina in turn 2 and 7. His main offensive force advance straight to the north and then make the crucial choose : turn left toPalermo and/or right to Cataina…

But may be, a new tactic can be invented…                                                                                  D.BASSENGHI

Rumble in the jungle : This is quite a multi-faceted map with lots of cover, little visibility and many tactical opportunities. In order to win, you only need to follow what it says in the scenario description: As attacker, sweep over the defender beforehe is reinforced; as defender, hold off the attacker in the first turns. Well said - but it is not that easy. The fight is mostly about the three cities Hagerson, Wilderness, and Webb. In my opinion, the attacker should try tocatch Hagerson and Webb as soon as possible (latest on the third turn) and getsome unit through to Wilderness in order to spoil the defender's victory points there. You can either bet on heavy tanks or speedy vehicles. Artilleryis often of little use for the attacker. The tanks can pass bazookas but easily be smashed by defender's artillery, the speedy cars might take the enemy cities on the second turn but die on too many defending bazookas. The defender has more options: He can either buy a heavy artillery and hide it far off the theater (my preference) or buy two light artilleries, or invest into many bazookas, or buy tanks. With the artillery, he must try to block the two main roads in the southwest and then bombard the stalled advance. The light artillery is risky because it might miss the roads and does not produce shrapnel to block adjacent hexes (unlike heavy artillery). If you choose artillery then do not forget to put infantry at many locations along the roads in order to spot your targets. Without those, you would be blind and unable to aim at anything vital. By buying bazookas, the defender gambles on an attacker advancing speedily with cars which can easily be wrecked. With tanks, the defender might stand a chance to defend the cities until reinforcements arrive but could be smashed if the attacker uses artillery (despite my advice from above). From my point of view, Rumble in the Jungle is regularly decided by flexibly adjusting to the situation and not by a good master plan in the first place. It's a very tactical map with lots of surprises. So, make your opponent be more surprised than yourself!                                                                                                                                 KARAWANE