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On this website you can challenge other Perfect General players  on your favorite map and rules. It works like a boxing championship. The champion remains the champion until someone defeats him and takes his title.

If you want to challenge a world champion, just go to the challenges page, contact him and ask for a match. If you win, send me the score board to bassenghid@wanadoo.fr and  you'll become the new champion to beat.

If you want to propose a new challenge, just mail to bassenghid@wanadoo.fr indicating :

   - the name of the map,

   - origin of the map (original game, WWII expansion, 20th century expansion, yahoo's group),

   - short or long option,

   - champion defends or attacks first,

   - special rules if different from the default option,

   - your pseudo,

   - a mail address where the others can contact you

   - and a instant messenger identification if you have one

Rules :

  • The champion of a map keeps his title until someone defeats him on that map.

  • Everybody can play and challenge without  any registration.

  • One map can be the object of several titles changing the rules (Example : The champion on Kharkov short can be X and the champion of Kharkov long can be Y)

  • An old champion can try to take his title back by challenging the new champion.

  • If a champion becomes inactive and you don't success in contacting him for weeks and weeks, just mail me. I'll give the

          title back to the one who was the champion before him.

  • Whatever the result of a challenge is, mail me the score board. So, i can complete the scoreboard for the title.

  • Any other question ? Mail me to bassenghid@wanadoo.fr

  • The purpose of this site is only to have fun with perfect general. So be play fair and good luck ;o)

Perfect general                      World championship

The blue abbreviation indicates where you'll find the respective scenarios if you haven't got yet:

                           - the main flag indicates from which country is the current champion

                            - stars indicate how many victories in a row he had without defeat

                            - another small flag on it indicates that the champion has been challenged and we wait for the result...